Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Articles Of Interest

Klaus Dona: European Exopolitics Summit 2009 Barcelona:

Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago: His Discovery of Life on Mars:

Paradigm Research Group:

Terence McKenna:

Times: World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown:

Telegraph: Taxpayers' millions paid to Indian institute run by UN climate chief:

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather Control:

2012 Exposed by Rik Clay (RIP):

Rothschilds & Rockefellers – Trillionaires Of The World:

Dr. Coldwell: The Only Answer to Cancer:

Phil Schneider: BBC Unwittingly Reveals Secrets of Dulce Underground Alien Genetics Labs in Newscast:

The Hutchison-Effect:

Australian Climate Sceptics:

Dr. Greg Jenkins Interviews Dr. Judy Wood:

Lord Hill-Norton, a former chief of defence staff, wrote to Michael Heseltine about a strange metallic object hovering in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk:

US President Obama telling porkies:

President Obama are you listening?

Video removed due to terms of use violation:

Ron Paul: Gold Standard:
YouTube - Ron Paul: Gold Standard 1/30/09 Fox Business
Forbes Publisher Gives Advice to Obama "Ron Paul is Spot On Right":
Ron Paul CNN American Morning 01-27-2009:
Ron Paul : Don't tread on me:
Ron Paul at the South Carolina Debate 1-10-08:
Ron Paul on Obama's Foreign Policy 1-25-09:
The new Clinton Chronicales
Skolnick's Archives:
John Perkins: Real Self defense:
Autonomic Response Testing vs Classic Kinesiology:
The Avebury Experience: Maria Wheatley: